The Vitality Challenge

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Improve Your Lifestyle; Become Leaner, Healthier and More Fit!

It is generally accepted that the leaner and more fit you are, the healthier you are. The Vitality Challenge is NOT just a weight loss challenge, it is a 60-day, lifestyle challenge designed to help you make small, sustainable changes with your nutrition, daily exercise and recovery, and stress management in an effort to improve fitness and body composition. This challenge is designed to help you stay accountable through using a documented point system, community interaction with other participants, and professional nutrition and fitness coaching. Consistency is paramount in finding an individually sustainable approach to becoming healthier and more fit so you can attain your fitness goals and lead a more fulfilling lifestyle! The winner is NOT chosen by how much weight is lost, but rather an accumulation of points in the various categories listed below. With an entry fee of $35, participants will receive a FREE, Vitality Challenge t-shirt! Anyone can enter this challenge as long as they have access to a gym! The person with the most points at the end of the challenge, will see the best results, and have a chance to win up to $500!

Nutrition; Eat Real Food!

Diets are short-term and temporary. We don't focus on perfection, we focus on consistency and what is sustainable and healthy for the long term. Unfortunately, most diets (and nutrition challenges) are restrictive, or practice food, or food group avoidance. This is NOT what the Vitality Challenge is about! Learn what and how much to eat to improve your body composition and properly fuel your workouts and recovery. Learn how to be flexible with your nutrition, rather than overly restrictive. Diets are useless if they're not sustainable...

Exercise; Train At Least 3X Per Week.

Following a planned and appropriately programmed training schedule that focuses on *building strength* and cardiovascular endurance at least three days a week, will help to more quickly improve your body composition. The program MUST be measureable AND repeatable, as this is the only way you can be sure that your fitness is improving!

Sleep; 7-8 Hours Per Night.

Inadequate sleep has a sort of butterfly effect. It's often affected by one's ability to manage both mental and physical stressors. Exercise and training DOES help to relieve mental stress, but, it is also a physical stressor. If not managed properly, sleep will be compromised, therefore making it considerably harder to recover from exercise and see positive results from all of your hard work!

Stress Management

We provide a series of tactics on ways to minimize both mental and physical stress. Perhaps the most profound is; planning and meal preparation. Receive tips and stay connected with other participants through our exclusive, private Facebook group! Share recipes, planning and time management strategies to reduce daily stress and increase your success with this challenge.

Stay Accountable

We provide you the tools to succeed; online coaching for nutrition and stress management. Learn to measure your nutrition and training through tracking. Exercise three days a week and stay consistent! Using our point system, update weekly. The more points you accumulate, the better the results!