A little background on Natalia… She was a member a couple years ago when we were still at our old location. She ended up leaving because of a move that made the commute just too far. Having still kept up with CrossFit over a couple years, Nat returned about four weeks ago to work on a program specifically geared toward the improvement of her body composition. Coming into this while already being strong and relatively fit due to her CrossFit training made things a little different. To really change the way you look, you need to eat right and you need to lift heavy.

“Eat right and lift heavy” is a very general statement because it means something different to everybody. To do this takes dedication and drive. There’s no magic pill, and it has to be a priority, not just something you’ll fit in because you don’t have a lot of time. If that’s the case, you’ll always find other (easier) choices to fill up your time and before you know it, you haven’t worked out in weeks. We worked to improve Natalia’s diet, and in this case it was to make sure she was eating enough, and the right foods to support her needs. All too often, people will always revert back to eating low-carb, or, try to avoid all carbs under the assumption that “carbs make you fat”. Of course, whether it be by a misguided recommendation or personal choice, there will be some result of weight loss. But, weight loss won’t necessarily improve body composition and avoiding carbs certainly won’t make you any stronger. With that said, are you not seeing results with your current routine? Have you not made any improvements over the last few months? Are you not getting any stronger or losing any more body fat?

Right now, Natalia is taking in around 300 grams of carbohydrate on her training days. This was more than double what she was taking in prior to starting! Though it was tough to wrap her head around the fact that she actually had to eat more to begin training for her goals. With this, she found that she slept much better, which will improve recovery and better training! To put 300g of carbs into perspective; one cup of cooked, brown rice yields about 45 grams of carbs. She started the strength program three times a week about four weeks ago. We are currently in a de-load week now, so volume is very low and the intensity is limited. With that said, she squatted 255 lbs. with a two second pause in the bottom position weighing 148 lbs. This is a 35 lb. improvement on her last recorded squat from before the program. This was after hitting a PR on her power clean in building to a heavy single for the day, and working in some pressing.

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