With the exploding popularity of CrossFit in the past few years, including several CrossFit affiliates in the Attleboro area, people looking to get or stay in shape have several choices available to them.  There are main 2 factors to consider when trying to decide where to train. How good are the coaches and how good is the programming. As someone who has been involved in CrossFit training for over 3 years as both an athlete and a coach, I can say with confidence that Fulcrum Athletics has the best coaching and programming I have seen. Bryce and Nick are both highly trained fitness professionals who are passionate and dedicated to helping people get stronger, fitter, and healthier. Their client assessments are detailed and comprehensive and, as another reviewer said, are designed to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. Most gyms do nothing more than have you fill out a brief health history form.  And with 3 levels of programming, there is appropriate training for everyone regardless of age or fitness level. If you already do CrossFit, this is the gym you need to join to really hone your skills and get to the next level of strength and conditioning.  If you’re just starting out with a fitness program Fulcrum will work with you in a group setting that feels almost like personal training due to the care and attention to detail the coaches provide.  And the growing community of members are very supportive and encouraging of one another. Fulcrum Athletics is really taking the CrossFit model of constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity in a group setting to the next level. Its a great gym.