At the beginning of 2013 and having just turned 48, I made the decision to change my body with the primary focus of reducing fat, increasing muscle, and improving flexibility.  After spending months trying to do this “my way” and getting nowhere I finally decided to go to the pros. I came across Fulcrum by searching the Crossfit website and looking at affiliates in my area. I’ve tried Crossfit before at another local affiliate and had horrible results and sustained a severe injury but after looking at the Fulcrum website and talking to Bryce I decided to give it a try. I could tell day 1 when I went in for my assessment that this was going to be different. As Nick brought me through the process it became crystal clear where my deficiencies were.

I started attending workouts the next day and to be honest have been hooked ever since. I look forward to my work out every day. The environment is great. Their system allows for people of all fitness level and goals to work out right next to each other. I don’t get yelled at to perform, I get encouraged. I am not expected to do something I can’t do, I get coached on what I can do. They teach me and constantly remind me of the right way to do things thus preventing injury. My strength has increased, I’m getting more lean, and some old nagging injuries and areas of inflexibility have disappeared.  I owe this all to the true professionals Bryce and Nick and am glad for the day I chose Fulcrum.