I’ve been a crossfitter for about three years, but only joined Fulcrum Athletics about one and a half years ago.  I left my previous crossfit gym because I felt I had reached a plateau; my lifting wasn’t getting better, my fitness level was staying about the same, and I had some nagging injuries that just wouldn’t go away.  I joined Fulcrum just to try something different and to change my routine up a little bit.  In the last year and a half I have seen measurable improvements in my strength, fitness, and olympic lifting that I never thought possible.  My back squat has gone up by 50 lbs, my snatch up by 25 lbs, my clean and jerk up by 20 lbs, and my front squat up by 30 lbs.  And, most importantly, I no longer have the nagging injuries I used to think were the price I had to pay to workout everyday.  The fitness knowledge and intelligent programming Nick and Bryce bring to the members at the Fulcrum is what separates them from other crossfit gyms.

I attend the 6am class before work, and I can’t say that I look forward to getting up at 5am every weekday morning, but I can say that I do look forward to seeing all my friends every morning when I walk in the gym door.  Even on the mornings when I can’t motivate myself to work hard, there is always someone else there to give me the motivation to work hard, whether it’s a coach or another member.