Kickstart 2019

For ONLY $99, begin the New Year with meaningful action!

Save $150 if you sign up by January 1st!

*Our new member startup package is normally $250...

Most health & fitness related New Year's Resolutions fail because they lack;

*An effective plan


*And a system of support.

We are only taking up to 20 people for this program...

Experience a legitimate training program, an inspiring fitness community, and expert coaching. All you need to do, is show up! Get stronger, leaner, and better conditioned. Our training programs ARE NOT one-size-fits-all, like most other gyms. Train at your pace, with a challenging program designed for your experience and ability. All that is required, is a willingness to improve, and a commitment to both yourself, and your coaches that you're going to give it your best effort. Not to mention, for every new sign up we get for this Kickstart, we will donate a turkey to the St. Joseph's Food Pantry in an effort to provide less fortunate families in the Attleboro community with a little brighter holiday season!

What You Get...

*60% OFF of our Startup Package- (Normally $250)- Our new member startup package includes three introductory fundamentals sessions (something that's required for ALL new members) with the remainder of the month for unlimited classes to help new members develop an individualized, consistent routine.

*A FREE, Individualized Nutrition Program Consultation Our head coach went to college for food & nutrition, and is also certified with the leading sports nutrition organization in the world; The International Society of Sports Nutrition.

*A COMPLIMENTARY movement screen from our friends at Elite Physical Therapy in Attleboro.

Accountability and Professional Coaching- These two go hand-in-hand. Many times fitness programs aren't successful because participants are only accountable to themselves. Good CrossFIt gyms are unique in that they develop a strong, and supportive community. It doesn't matter what your experience, or ability is as we place more value on a positive attitude and discipline over skill & experience.

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