The 30-Day Blue Pride Fitness Challenge

A $250.00 value for just $75! Starts September 4th!

"…Because Isn’t It Time To Get Fit?"

Give us just 30 days! Experience a legitimate training program, an inspiring fitness community, and expert coaching. You'll receive your own, individualized nutrition program, which can be modified to your food preferences, and your goals to ensure real, measurable results over the course of the 30 days! Get stronger, leaner, and better conditioned. Our training programs ARE NOT one-size-fits-all, like most other gyms. Train at your pace, with a challenging program designed for your experience and ability. All that is required, is a willingness to improve, and a commitment to both yourself, and your coaches that you're going to give it your all for 30 days. Plus, a portion of our proceeds from this challenge are going back to our Attleboro community through Blue Pride initiatives!

What You Get...

Four Introductory Classes (Normally $120)- These four sessions are our fundamentals program, something that's required for ALL new members. With these, we are assessing your movement and ability, instructing on the safety, proficiency, and execution of proper weightlifting mechanics, and introducing you to the specifics of our process when training individuals.

30 Days of Unlimited Membership (Normally $165)- This fitness challenge is 30 days long, including the fundamentals classes, but overall, we want you to train as frequently as your schedule allows for that 30 day period! We want you to develop a routine. This is the only way you'll benefit from your involvement in a progressive fitness program.

A FREE, Individualized Nutrition Program (Normally $200)- Our head coach went to college for food & nutrition, and is also certified with the leading sports nutrition organization in the world; The International Society of Sports Nutrition. Our nutrition program IS NOT a diet (diets are temporary)! It is a sustainable program that's based off of the food preferences, and fitness goals of each individual, designed to actually help people learn about food and nutrition, rather than label foods as 'good' or 'bad'.

Accountability and Professional Coaching- These two go hand-in-hand. Many times fitness programs aren't successful because participants are only accountable to themselves. It is much easier to find an excuse NOT to do something, than it is to do it, especially when it comes to fitness. We WANT you to succeed, we WANT you here. We follow our own programs, and it gives us a greater sense of accomplishment, and the knowledge that we are making a positive impact on others within the community of Attleboro! Gyms like Planet Fitness market themselves as cheap as they are because they want you to sign up, and NOT go. The majority of their members don't use the gym, and that's what they want! We are the complete opposite!

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