Sports Nutrition Services in Attleboro

The Key...

Nutrition has THE GREATEST INFLUENCE on body composition, and far out-weighs exercise. There is no magic pill, or revolutionary diet. Through simple calculation, anyone can determine their needs and develop a diet that works to support their fitness and body composition goals. Most tend to focus on the avoidance of carbohydrate or sugar, eating 'clean' or drastically reducing their intake to an unsustainable and otherwise unhealthy level, that will do more harm than good.


Consistency is key to sustainable results. The overall template is EASY! Implementing it, and actually sticking to it does take work just the same as training to improve fitness. Improving body composition and getting healthier STARTS with nutrition, NOT CrossFit or some type of training/ exercise. Too often, people start training first, without worrying about their diet. Then, they wonder why they don't see a change in their body composition, or wonder why they are not improving.


Flexibility is one of the most important aspects of a sustainable nutrition program. Diets that are named, such as; The ______ Diet, are generally temporary and not sustainable, due to food preference. At some point, "cheating" will happen and that will cause guilt, thereby leading to increased stress. If overall health is improved in part, through minimizing stress, it would only make sense to reduce the stress of "dieting" as much as possible right from the beginning. Make it something that's sustainable for the rest of your life!


The ______ Diet will tend to claim to be revolutionary because of cherry-picked research, or simply incorrect information. Often, they are invented by people who have no formal education in nutrition, and certainly are NOT educated in the research field of nutrition. They'll use a fear-mongering approach to sell their products; books, supplements, foods, etc. In essence, they are basically selling eating disorders!

Guidelines; Know Your Numbers!

1. Eat enough, but not too much.

2. Get enough protein.

3. Get adequate fiber.

4. Drink enough water.

5. Leave room for occasional indulgence.

6. Avoid food avoidance, and choose foods that you LIKE.

7. Exercise routinely.


It is unrealistic to think that nutrition is a one-size-fits-all approach. There are many other factors involved that influence sustainable results from person to person other than; this is bad, that is good. Food preference, likely being one of the most important factors, makes nutrition something that really should be tailored to the individual, if the goal is a lifelong, sustainable change.

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