Membership Options


- There are two 'limited' memberships which cover training for either twice, or three times per week within the CrossFit classes. Weightlifting classes ARE NOT included.


- This membership covers an unlimited amount of CrossFit classes, AND the weightlifting classes.


- For those who are more infrequent due to travel, the punch card covers 10 CrossFit classes which can be used any time and it does not automatically withdraw fees like a monthly membership.

Family Discount Structure

Couples and/or two members of the same household save 10%. Three or more members of the same family household will each save 20%!

Military/ First-Responder/ Teachers

10% OFF

CrossFit; CF Fitness & Performance Programs

Most of the members within our community are part of our CrossFit program. Within CrossFit, we have two different training 'tracks'. Our CF Fitness program is designed for those with a beginner to intermediate level of experience in this type of training, or, those with limitations such as past injury, etc. looking to get back into a legitimate training program. The goal of the CF Fitness program is to train with a version of CrossFit that's designed to build a solid foundation of basic strength & conditioning, technical proficiency, and with the primary goal of improving overall health, fitness and body composition. Our Performance track is designed more for an intermediate to advanced level of experience. Those with prior CrossFit or Olympic weightlifting experience under their belt, who've already become generally proficient with most lifting and basic gymnastics movements will tend to follow this program. The Performance track is designed mostly with percentages of RM lifts and specific interval or energy system training geared more toward CrossFIt competition performance.


We are one of the only USA Weightlifting sanctioned clubs in the area. We offer Olympic weightlifting classes with both morning and evening sessions for 90 minutes/ session. There are three programmed weightlifting workouts per week over the course of 12-week blocks or cycles with assistance/ supplementary work programmed for Open Gym days as well. These classes are open to both the weightlifting and unlimited memberships. People of any athletic ability and fitness level may opt to take these classes as workouts can be modified individually for each client. Their individual modification will focus on what is most important to them in order to be able to lift properly and safely as it refers to the Olympic lifts. The weightlifting program is published weekly on this site.

Can You Follow BOTH CrossFit & Weightlifting Programs with the Unlimited Membership?

Depending on your goals, yes! Some people prefer to lift, or put more focus into the technique of weightlifting more than they do the conditioning piece included within the CrossFit programming. Our weightlifting and CrossFit programming run parallel to each other so that if a member lifts with the weightlifting classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, they would also be able to take the full CrossFit classes on days in between without one program contradicting the other. Call Us





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