UNLIMITED Membership

- $165 per month. For the best value, this membership allows clients to train as many classes a week as they'd like, including the weightlifting cycles and Fitness classes.

Weightlifting/ Strength Cycles ONLY

- $150 per month. This membership covers only the weightlifting/ strength classes and Open Gym.

LIMITED Membership

- $135 per month. The limited membership covers ONLY CrossFit classes up to 12 per month and Open Gym.

Fitness Classes

- $85 per month. Membership includes ONLY the Fitness classes which meet twice per week for 45 minutes each and Open Gym time. The goal of this program is to build a general level of strength and fitness. Little to no barbell movements with a bootcamp-style class.


- $165, one time fee with a 60-day expiration. The punch card covers 10 CrossFit classes which can be used any time over the course of 60 days.

Family Discount Structure

Couples and/or two members of the same household save 10%. Three or more members of the same family household will each save 25%!

Fitness Classes

It's true, CrossFit is NOT for everyone. The primary goal of the FitCamp training program is to expose beginners, or those with tight schedules, or even those who just are not physically ready to start CrossFit, to a legitimate and measurable training program. There is a heavy focus on development and improvement of basic strength, mobility, and cardio-endurance, without the steep learning curve of some of the barbell movements used within the CrossFit program. These classes are meant to get people in and out quickly, while still focusing on functional, full-body movements, using relatively light to moderate weights. We want our members to move safely and properly, and have a good understanding of the basics so that their time and money are not wasted. These classes are also open to members who currently have the unlimited membership.


This group makes up the majority of our membership. Most people in this group just want to be healthy, strong and fit. They desire a better body composition, and a higher level of general strength and conditioning. This group includes everyone from the stay-at-home mom to marathoners, and previous collegiate athletes! Every day we publish a workout that will generally be modified to fit the needs and ability of each member. Classes typically range in size from 6-10 people of varied fitness levels, like small group training. We actually prefer somewhat smaller classes, as we feel members will receive a much better experience and better quality coaching. These classes are open to members with either an UNLIMITED or LIMITED membership.


We are the only USA Weightlifting sanctioned club in the area. We offer Olympic weightlifting classes with both morning and evening sessions for 90 minutes/ session. There are three programmed weightlifting workouts per week over the course of 12-week blocks or cycles with assistance/ supplementary work programmed for Open Gym days as well. These classes are open to both the weightlifting and unlimited memberships. People of any athletic ability and fitness level may opt to take these classes as workouts can be modified individually for each client. Their individual modification will focus on what is most important to them in order to be able to lift properly and safely as it refers to the Olympic lifts. The weightlifting program is published weekly on this site.

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