Our CrossFit Kids program is expanding and adding on a slightly longer class for teens! It is designed to start building the foundation of a healthy lifestyle from a very young age. The overall goal with what we have designed is to help children learn the value of health and fitness through a fun and interactive process. Classes are designed to make fitness and the act of improving it, fun! We believe that if these values are learned at a young age, children will grow to live a much healthier and fulfilling life.

Much of what children are taught as far as CrossFIt goes is NOT necessarily how to deadlift or bench press, but how to move safely. From very basic bodyweight exercises and tumbling, to basic weightlifting technique work, kids and teens will improve their functional body movements and coordination which will help to lay a solid foundation to improve health, fitness and even performance within organized sports.

--Membership and Pricing--

The brand new CrossFit Teen's class will start with one class on Saturday mornings at 10:30AM, for ages 13 and up! This class will run for an hour with goal of building general fitness using a broader range of movements and exercises than seen within the CrossFit Kids program. For kids, teenagers (and even most adults) the focus on improving general health, strength and fitness will serve to build confidence, self image, and social skills within a community of their peers. The Teen's class will be taught by Coach Sarah, and run for 60 minutes as opposed to the 45 minute CF Kids class.

Pricing for children of non-members.

$50/ month for 1X per week

--Special Members pricing is as follows;--

1 Child; 10% off

2 or more children; 20% off the children's memberships