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    August 13th – 18th

    *Link to specialty programs; Powerbuilding & Olympic Weightlifting, CLICK HERE! **Link To Accessory Work** Monday 8/13 CF Fitness A. Goblet Squat 5×10-12 -try to increase working set weight from last week B. For Time; 12 DB Snatches -moderate to heavy Row 10/8 Calories 10 DB Snatches Row 15/12...

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    Saturday, August 11th

    CF Fitness & Performance In 4 Minutes; Run 400M Max Wall Balls 20/14lbs. Rest 2 Minutes In 4 Minutes; Row 500M/ 375M Max DU’s Rest 2 Minutes In 4 Minutes; Bike 25/20 Calories Max (HR) Pushups Rest 2 Minutes In 4 Minutes; Run 400M Max Thrusters 95/65lbs.

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    Friday, August 10th

    CF Fitness A. Hang Power Clean 5×5 B. Bulgarian Split Squat or Russian Step Ups 3×10 per leg- use a moderate load C. 12 Minute AMRAP 8 Box Jumps 8 Hanging Leg Raises or 16 Situps Performance A. Power Clean 65%(of clean)x3x5 B. Bulgarian Split Squat (front racked barbell, 25-35% of squat) x10...

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  • rahul1

    Thursday, August 9th

    CF Fitness & Performance A. Take 20 minutes to make up missed strength work, or work on targeted mobility B. E2MOM x 32 Minutes Min 1: 200 ft. Farmer’s Carry- moderate to heavy Min 2: 10 Front Squats 95/65lbs. + 6 Strict Pullups Min 3: Row 300/225 Meters Min 4: 200M Run

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  • nickpaolo

    Wednesday, August 8th

    CF Fitness A. Seated Barbell Press 3×6-8 B. EMOM x 15 Minutes Min 1: 3 Muscle Up transitions/ C2B Pullups/ Strict Pullups Min 2: 5 DB Push Presses- Heavy for 5 reps Min 3: 7 Single leg Box Squats Performance A. Push Press + Jerk 65% of push press (3+2)x3 B. EMOM x 15 Minutes

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