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    November 12th – 17th

    *Link to Powerbuilding & Weightlifting Programs **Link to Strength Accessory Work Monday 11/12/18  Week 3 CF Fitness A1; Seated Press x6-8, Rest 20 sec *Reference 10/29, or 11/5, A2; 2 Point Supported DB Row x8-10 EACH arm, Rest 2 Min x4 Sets B. For Time: 20 Hang Power Cleans, or KB Cleans -light...

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    November 5th – 10th

    *November Mini-Clinic* -On Thursday, November 29th, Jamie Mey from Elite Physical Therapy in Attleboro will be running our November mini-clinic in place of the normally scheduled 6:30PM class. She will be going through strategies, and best practices on reducing injury risk and increasing mobility &...

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    October 29th – November 3rd

    *Link to Powerbuilding & Weightlifting Programs **Link to Accessory Work Monday 10/29/18 CF Fitness A1; Seated Barbell Press x8-10, Rest 20 sec A2; 3 Point Supported DB Row x8-10 EACH arm, Rest 2 Min x4 Sets B. EMOM x15 Minutes Min1: 8-10 Dips, Perfect Pushups, or Incline Pushups Min2: 6-8 Assisted...

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    October 22nd – October 27th

    *Link to Powerbuilding & Weightlifting Programs Monday 10/22 Week 12 CF Fitness A. Goblet Squat- Test B. 4 Rounds for Time; 5 DB Thrusters -Heavy 10 Wall Balls 12 Mixed DU’s or 50 Jump Rope Performance A. Back Squat- Build to a Heavy Single B. 4 Rounds for Time; 5 Thrusters 155/105lbs 15 Wall Balls...

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    How to Manage Discomfort/ Pain And Still Make Progress In Training

    It’s important to understand that progression in fitness is almost NEVER a direct flight from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’. If the end goal is thought about more like the destination at the end of a long road trip, rather than a direct flight, it will tend to make a little more sense. Along the

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