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    September 10th – 15th

    *Link to Powerbuilding & Weightlifting Programs **Link to Accessory Work Monday 9/10  CF Fitness A. Goblet Squat 5×10-12 B. Every 4 Minutes x 5 Sets; Bike 12/9 Calories 10 Burpees 10 DB Thrusters- moderate Performance A. Back Squat 80%x2x3, 85%x2 B. Every 4 Minutes x 5 Sets; Row 200/150M 10...

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  • jim1

    September 3rd – September 8th

    *Powerbuilding & Weightlifting Programs **Accessory Work Monday 9/3 Week 5 CF Fitness A. Goblet Squat 5×10-12 B. For Time: 8 Wall Balls 4 DB Hang Clean & Press 10 Wall Balls 5 DB Hang Clean & Press 12 Wall Balls 6 DB Hang Clean & Press 14 Wall Balls 7 DB Hang Clean & Press

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    August 27th – September 1st

    *Link to Accessory Work **Powerbuilding & Weightlifting Programs Monday 8/27 Week 4 CF Fitness A. Goblet Squat Proficiency Test– complete 25 goblet squats, using 50% of your bodyweight @30X1- tempo. Inability to maintain tempo, range of motion, or position FOR ANY REASON, will pinpoint individual...

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  • 24/08/2018

    So, You Think You’re Fit?

    There is no doubt that CrossFit, if done properly, is likely the best general fitness program out there. On the other hand, if it’s NOT done properly, it will continue to live up to it’s misrepresented reputation of being dangerous. CrossFit is a style of training just like bodybuilding,...

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    August 20th – 25th

    *Member of the Month! **Powerbuilding & Weightlifting Program ***Link to Accessory Work Monday 8/20 CF Fitness A. Goblet Squat 5×12-14 -use the same weight from last week, and try to increase set volume B. 10 Minute AMRAP: 5 DB Hang Power Cleans + 3 DB Push Presses -choose a moderate load 10...

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