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    May 22nd – May 27th

    **We will be doing “Murph” for Memorial Day, in which we will have one morning class at 8:30AM!** Monday 5/22 *Reference 5/8/17 for loading in Part ‘A’ Warm up; 2 Sets Row 150M Spiderman Stretch SL Front foot elevated split squat x6 (moderate) Front Squat x4 (pause 1st rep) Handstand...

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  • gwenback

    May 15th – 20th

    Monday 5/15 Warm up; 2 Sets Run 200M Front foot elevated split squat x6/ leg Spiderman Stretch CF Fitness A. 6×15 Unbroken Wall Balls (Reference 5/2 for loading) -Rest ONLY as needed to complete each set in full. If the ball is dropped during a working set, you must re-start the set! B. 4 Sets,...

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  • nate

    May 9th – 14th

    Monday 5/9 Warm Up; 2 sets Row 150M Samson Stretch Front Foot elevated Split Squat x6 Front Squat x4, pause 1st rep. Increase weight per set toward working set goal. CF Fitness A. Front Squat 4×8 -try to increase the weight from last week slightly B. 10 Min AMRAP: 6 DB OR Barbell Thrusters (light...

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  • mattplosker

    May 1st – May 7th

      Monday 5/1/17 Warm up; 2 Sets Row 200M Counterbalance squat x8 Russian KB swing x10 Samson Stretch CF Fitness A. Hang Power Clean (hip) x2 OTM x 12 Min -use a weight that is challenging but allows for focus on timing and technique. B. 4 Sets; 20 Russian KB Swings (moderate to heavy) 16

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  • 17952608_10154408951741611_5043935853590609854_n

    April 24th – April 29th

    Monday 4/24/17 Warm-up 2 sets; 1 Min Jump rope skill work Front foot elevated split squat x6/ leg **use moderate weight** Samson Stretch Front squat x 4-5, pause 1st rep. Start light, build per set. CF Fitness A. Front Squat 4×8 (use your heaviest weight from last week for all four sets) Rest 2-3...

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