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    November 12th – 17th

    *Link to Powerbuilding & Weightlifting Programs **Link to Strength Accessory Work Monday 11/12/18  Week 3 CF Fitness A1; Seated Press x6-8, Rest 20 sec *Reference 10/29, or 11/5, A2; 2 Point Supported DB Row x8-10 EACH arm, Rest 2 Min x4 Sets B. For Time: 20 Hang Power Cleans, or KB Cleans -light...

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  • rahul

    Friday, April 15

    CrossFit A. Bench Press- 10, 10, 10- Rest 2 Min B. 3 Rounds For Time 30 KB Swings- 24kg/ 16kg 20 Walking Lunges with KB Weightlifting Rest Day.

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  • rings

    This Year’s Vitality Challenge- Details

    This time of year can be very hard to stay on track for some people. You’d rather stay rolled up in a blanket on your couch than go out in single-digit temperatures to a place where the bars and kettlebells are cold, and the rower is still just as unforgiving as ever. I get it.

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    Why Stretching Doesn’t Always Work

    I worked with one of the members the other day who’s had some issues with his lower back tightening up. Because I’ve been there before, if it is not addressed now, it will never get better. Most times, it is NOT about just lifting lighter weights, but improving your movement pattern. Bad...

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  • mushrooms

    Rules of Nutrition and Exercise

    Every individual requires a certain amount of energy (calories) to support their lifestyle and daily activity, optimally. However, most people have no idea how much they need, or, where it should come from. This is the biggest problem to overcome for those that are looking to improve their body composition....

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