• nat

    Natalia’s Transformation (so far)

    A little background on Natalia… She was a member a couple years ago when we were still at our old location. She ended up leaving because of a move that made the commute just too far. Having still kept up with CrossFit over a couple years, Nat returned about four weeks ago to work on

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  • becca1

    Commitment and Motivation

      “I decided to join Fulcrum Athletics in January. I had gained weight since college and was not happy with how I looked. I had tried going to regular gyms, but I never knew what I was doing, and often found myself frustrated due to lack of results. I had been scrolling through Groupon...

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  • 312217_310544815624160_193694267309216_1363581_814695208_n[1]

    Bridget W

    I’ve been a crossfitter for about three years, but only joined Fulcrum Athletics about one and a half years ago.  I left my previous crossfit gym because I felt I had reached a plateau; my lifting wasn’t getting better, my fitness level was staying about the same, and I had some nagging...

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  • brian

    Brian R.

    With the exploding popularity of CrossFit in the past few years, including several CrossFit affiliates in the Attleboro area, people looking to get or stay in shape have several choices available to them.  There are main 2 factors to consider when trying to decide where to train. How good are the coaches...

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  • jen-After

    Jen L.

    I can not say enough about this gym! I am a 35 year old mother of two and I have been an avid gym-goer since my early 20s. I have been going to Fulcrum Athletics since it opened this past July, I have never been so excited about getting up in the morning and going

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