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    Good luck today at the Boston Marathon, Kaitlin!

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    CrossFit- The Misconception

    The most common reservation we hear is; “I need to get in better shape before I do CrossFit.” If this is your thought as well, what do you think CrossFit is? Yes, it’s become a sport, but it started as a fitness program. Unfortunately, many gyms ONLY treat it as a sport, in which a...

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  • gwen

    Why The CrossFit Open?

    It’s about that time of year again, the beginning of the CrossFit season for those involved in it as a sport. For others, such as the rest of us, it is a time where we can “compete” and test our abilities against the rest of the world. Some of you reading this are saying; “Well,...

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    Food for Thought…

    “What tends to be the hardest for people to realize is that from a nutritional standpoint, there is no single approach that is better than another. At the core, every nutrition program or fad-diet that works, works because it creates a caloric deficit of some form, whether it eliminates or reduces...

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  • group2

    Understanding Our Programming

    Many people who walk through our doors, or who have no experience in CrossFit don’t really understand how it works. They have an idea of what CrossFit is either because they saw it on TV, or heard about it through a friend. What they do know, is that it’s intense! It will make you indefinitely...

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