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    Understanding Our Programming

    Many people who walk through our doors, or who have no experience in CrossFit don’t really understand how it works. They have an idea of what CrossFit is either because they saw it on TV, or heard about it through a friend. What they do know, is that it’s intense! It will make you indefinitely...

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  • IMG_0517

    Nutrition & Meal Timing

    There have been some questions regarding meal timing that have come up recently from a few different people. This post is meant to clear up some confusion on what and when to eat. The first point I want to stress is that what has the greatest affect on training intensity, body composition, and recovery...

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  • colleen

    NEW Hybrid Weightlifting Cycle!

    NEW: Hybrid weightlifting cycle starts on Monday, April 3rd! This hybrid cycle combines elements of Olympic weightlifting, bodybuilding, powerlifting and CrossFit because let’s face it, don’t you also want to look like you lift?! In all seriousness though, the real purpose is joint health...

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  • kb

    Two Choices

    When it comes to fitness, you have two choices. Either, you make the commitment to improve yourself. Or, you don’t. It’s a lifestyle, not a hobby that you’ll enjoy when you find time. If that is how you look at it, you will always fail. You will always be trying a new diet, looking...

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  • unnamed

    Perfectly Roasted Turkey (How to)

    Roasting a turkey for the holidays seems to be a point of confusion for many people. How do you keep it from drying out? How long do you cook it? What temperature? What about stuffing? For some reason, cooking a turkey for the holidays tends to be more stressful than anything else when it can

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