A. Push Press 80-83%x3x4
B. Dips 4×10-12 *add weight if possible
C. Back Squat 75%x6-8 x3, 1xAMQRP

Day 2
A. Bench Press- 75%x10x3, 1xAMQRP
B. Pullups 6×5- Use added weight if possible. Try to increase weight from last week ONLY if you hit full volume across ALL working sets.
C. Reverse Lunge 4×16 -use the same weight as last week.

Day 3
A. Deadlift- 65-68%x6x4
B. Press 46-50%(of push press) x8-10 x3, 1xAMQRP
C. Bulgarian Split Squat 4×10-12/ leg *try to increase load from week 3.


Day 1
A. BTN Snatch Grip Push Press to squat- Complete 3 reps of just the push press, plus 1 push press into an overhead squat for 4 working sets. Aim to use your 5RM weight.
B. Power Clean 75%x3x3
C. Pause Front Squat 63%x4x3

Day 2
A. Back Squat 75%x8x4
B. Snatch Pull + Snatch Deadlift 80%(3+3) x4

Day 3
A. Pause Clean + Jerk (pause in dip) OTM x15 Minutes 5×65%, 5×70%, 5×75%
B. Halting Clean Deadlift 80% of clean x5x5
*It is assumed that if you are NOT taking the CrossFit classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays, you are completing the weightlifting work from those days on either day two, or three of the weightlifting program.