A. Incline Bench Press Build to a heavy set of 5, then 90%x5x4
B. DB Flys 3×12-15
C. Back Squat 70-75%x6-8 x4, 1xAMQRP
D. Straight Leg Deadlift 3×10 Try to increase weight from week 2

Day 2
A. Press- Build to a heavy set of 5, then 90%x5x4
B. Pullups 6×6 *If unable to complete set volume, do as many strict as possible and finish the set with box-assistance. If you completed ALL sets with additional weight last week, try to increase the weight by 5lbs.
C. Two-Point Supported DB Row 3×10/ side
D. Farmers Carry Reverse Lunge 3×20 -Increase loading from last week. If you’ve maxed out the loading you can use with DB’s, use a barbell on your back.

Day 3
A. Pause Front Squat 63-65%x4x4
B. Block Deadlift- 78-83%(of Deadlift)x6x6 -use blocks set to a height that positions the bar at the upper mid-shin, just below the knee.
C. Pause Bench Press 4×5 -build to a challenging load and maintain across ALL four working sets. Ability to maintain a 2-count pause at the chest for EACH rep will dictate loading. Try to add 5lbs to loading from week 2.


Day 1
A. BTN Snatch Grip Push Press -build to a heavy set of 5
B. Power Clean 73%x4x3
C. Pause Front Squat 60%x4x4

Day 2
A. Back Squat 10RM
B. Muscle Clean -Heavy 3

Day 3
A. Snatch Balance -Heavy Single
B. Stiff Legged Deadlift 3×10 -try to increase loading from last week
*It is assumed that if you are NOT taking the CrossFit classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays, you are completing the weightlifting work from those days on either day two, or three of the weightlifting program.