*It is strongly recommended that even though you are training with either the powerbuilding or weightlifting programs for a specific purpose, you should still be doing some conditioning. That doesn’t mean you should kill yourself trying to excel at the ‘Performance’ workouts. It’s recommended that you do 2-3 (CF Fitness) conditioning workouts per week if possible, as it will help to improve your aerobic capacity which will in turn, improve your recovery AND your results with the programming.


*For EACH training day, choose one accessory exercise from EACH: upper body, lower body, and core strength accessory exercises page HERE.

A. Push Press 75%x5x3
B. Incline DB Press 3×12
C. Back Squat 65-70%x6-8 x3, 1xAMQRP

Day 2
A. Bench Press- 65-70%x10x3, 1xAMQRP
B. Pullups 6×6- Use added weight if possible
C. Farmers Carry Reverse Lunge 3×20

Day 3
A. Deadlift- 60%x10x4
B. Press 40-45%(of push press) x8-10 x3, 1xAMQRP
C. Bulgarian Split Squat 3×10-12/ leg


Day 1
A. BTN Snatch Grip Push Press 4×6
B. Power Clean 63-65%x5x3
C. Pause Front Squat 50%x4x4

Day 2
A. Back Squat 65%x10x3
B. Muscle Clean 3×5

Day 3
A. Snatch Balance 5×3 -build to a challenging but proficient set of 3
B. Stiff Legged Deadlift 3×10
*It is assumed that if you are NOT taking the CrossFit classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays, you are completing the weightlifting work from those days on either day two, or three of the weightlifting program.