A. Pause Back Squat- Heavy Single
B. Front Squat- 5RM
C. Reverse Lunge 1×10 (HEAVY) -This set should be done as if it were a 10RM. Proficiency for 10 reps, but with intensity for only one set.

Day 2
A. Push Press- Heavy Single
B. Incline Bench Press 1RM
C. Pullups- 1 set of max reps @BW
D1; DB Bench Press x10-12, rest 30 sec
D2; Chin ups x6-8, rest 2 Min x 4-5 Sets

Day 3
A. Deadlift- Heavy Single
B. Bulgarian Split Squat 1×5/ leg (Goal; BW)


*The lifts are being tested within the ‘Performance’ program this week. Use the layout and procedure outlined to test.