A. Back Squat- Build to a heavy double
B. Front Squat 2×5-7, 1XAMQRP (-20%) *Note; these are NOT heels elevated w/ narrow stance
C. Reverse Lunge 3×16 -heavy but sustainable for 16 steps (8/leg). -Increase weight from last week. You may use a bar on your back if needed.
D. Back Raises 4-5×8-10, rest no more than 90 seconds b/t sets

Day 2
A. Incline Bench Press 78-83%(of bench press) x2x5
B. DB (flat) Bench Press 3×8-10 @31X1 tempo *Focus on improving adherence to tempo and completing max rep range
C. DB Flys 2×12-14
D. Strict Chin Ups or Assisted chin ups x5x6
E. Meadows Rows 3×10-12/ arm *try to increase weight from last week

Day 3
A. Romanian Deadlift ~70%x4x5
B. Goodmornings 3×8-10 -proficiency is MOST important, so don’t increase loading if you feel you’re unable. Reference day 3, week 6
C. Bulgarian Split Squat 3×5/ leg


Day 1
A. Back Squat- Heavy Double
B. Block Snatch (knee) 85%x2x3
C. Halting Clean Deadlift 120% (of clean) x2x2

Day 2
A. Jerk- 1RM
B. Hang Clean 88%x1x3
C. Snatch Deadlift from Deficit 100% (of last heavy 5)x3x3

Day 3
A. Hang Snatch- Build to a heavy 3
B. Clean Pull + Hang Clean + Front Squat + Jerk- Build to a heavy set