Week 4
Day 1
A. Goblet Squat Proficiency Test
B. Heels elevated, narrow stance Goblet/ Front Squat 2×8-10, 1XAMQRP (-15%) *rest no more than 60 seconds b/t sets
C. Suitcase Carry Walking Lunge 3×20 -heavy but sustainable for 20 steps. DO NOT increase weight from last week.
D. Glute Ham Raises 4×8-10, rest no more than 60 seconds b/t sets

Day 2
A. Incline Bench Press 70-75%(of bench press) x3x5
B. DB (flat) Bench Press 3×12-15 @31X1 tempo *If you DID NOT make the max rep range in week 2, DO NOT increase weight. Focus on improving adherence to tempo and completing max rep range
C. Bent Over Row 3×6-8, 1xAMQRP @-20%
D. Single Arm Bent Over DB Row 3×12-15/ arm
*DO NOT increase loading on the bent over row if you did not hit the max number in the rep range for ALL three working sets.

Day 3
A. Romanian Deadlift ~63%x6x5
B. Goodmornings 3×8-10 -proficiency is MOST important, so don’t increase loading if you feel you’re unable
C. Cossack Squat 2×20 (10/ leg) -60 sec. rest
D. Bulgarian Split Squat 2×6-8/ leg – increase loading from last week.


Day 1
A. Goblet Squat Proficiency Test
B. Muscle Snatch- 1RM
C. Deficit Snatch Grip Deadlift- Build to a heavy set of 5

Day 2
A. Pause Power Snatch (knee) -build to a heavy single
B. Hang Clean + Jerk -build to a heavy single
C. Halting Clean Deadlift 100% (of clean) x4x2

Day 3
A. No feet snatch- Heavy Single
B. No feet clean + Jerk- Heavy Single