Week 3
A. Back Squat 78%x3x5
B. Heels elevated, narrow stance Goblet/ Front Squat 2×10-12, 1XAMQRP *rest no more than 60 seconds b/t sets
C. Suitcase Carry Walking Lunge 2×20 -heavy but sustainable for 20 steps. Rest 60 seconds.
D. Glute Ham Raises 4×8-12, *use added weight if now able

Day 2
A. Push Press 70% of push press x2x5
B. Bench Press 2×8-10, 1XAMQRP @ -10%
C. Barbell High Pulls 3×12-14- rest 60 seconds b/t sets *use the same weight as in week one.
D. DB Lateral Raises (1×8, 1×12, 1×14) x3 *rest 10-15 seconds b/t the sets of 8, 12, 14, and 90 seconds before running through the second time. This should use 3 sets of dumbells to account for 3 drops in weight in moving to each set of higher volume. Use the same weight as in week one.

Day 3
A. Deadlift ~73%x3x8
B. Cossack Squat 2×20 (10/ leg) -60 sec. rest
C. Bulgarian Split Squat 3×10-12/ leg -DO NOT increase loading from last week. Try to increase set volume.
D. DB death march 3×20 -use the same weight as in week one


Day 1
A. Back Squat 78%x3x6
B. Hang Muscle Snatch + Overhead squat (3+1)x3- Use 3 working sets to build to a heavy complex
C. Snatch Grip RDL 4×4

Day 2
A. Pause Power Snatch (knee) 66% (of snatch) x1x4
B. Hang Clean + Jerk 70% (2+2) x3
C. Halting Clean Deadlift 95% (of clean) x5x4

Day 3
A. No feet snatch- Heavy Single
B. No feet clean + Jerk- Heavy Single