Powerbuilding, Week 2:
Day 1
A. Back Squat 74%x3x6
B. Heels elevated, narrow stance Goblet/ Front Squat 2×12-15, 1XAMQRP *rest no more than 60 seconds b/t sets
C. Glute Ham Raises 4×10-12, rest no more than 60 seconds b/t sets
*If on exercises B and C, you only hit the minimum number in the rep range on week one, DO NOT increase the weight. Aim to complete ALL sets at the max number of reps within the prescribed range before increasing the weight.

Day 2
A. Incline Bench Press 70-75%(of bench press) x3x5
B. DB (flat) Bench Press 3×12-15 @31X1 tempo
C. Bent Over Row 3×8-10, 1xAMQRP @-10%
D. Single Arm Bent Over DB Row 3×12-15/ arm
*DO NOT increase loading on the bent over row (C) if you did not hit the max number in the rep range for ALL three working sets.

Day 3
A. Romanian Deadlift 60%(of deadlift) x6x5
B. Goodmornings 3×8-10
C. Cossack Squat 2×20 (10/ leg) -60 sec. rest
D. Bulgarian Split Squat 3×8-10/ leg

Weightlifting, Week 2:
Day 1
A. Back Squat 74%x3x8
B. Hang Muscle Snatch + Overhead squat (4+2)x4- use your heaviest weight from last week across all four sets
C. Snatch Grip RDL 4×5

Day 2
A. Pause Power Snatch (knee) 63% (of snatch) x2x5
B. Hang Clean + Jerk 68% (3+2) x4
C. Halting Clean Deadlift 90% (of clean) x6x4

Day 3
A. No feet snatch- Heavy Single
B. No feet clean + Jerk- Heavy Single
*With the heavy singles, proficiency should be the goal, NOT hitting a new PR or 1RM every week.

Accessory Work, ALL GROUPS