It’s about that time of year again, the beginning of the CrossFit season for those involved in it as a sport. For others, such as the rest of us, it is a time where we can “compete” and test our abilities against the rest of the world. Some of you reading this are saying; “Well, I’m not competitive…” and that’s fine! The reason I used quotations around “compete” above, is because it’s not as if you’re competing like you would at a local competition. You’re completing the weekly workouts in a supportive environment where everyone is cheering you on! The support of your peers, and everyone in the community who’s present, the encouragement, the energy…it’s all part of it! People commonly think of competition as going directly head-to-head with someone else, getting smoked, and feeling that sense of embarrassment, or shame that they even tried. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel the same in the past. However, there is not a single person I can think of that would look down on, or shame someone for having the courage to put themselves out there on the competition floor, or platform. In my experience, if you’ve got the guts to put yourself out there, the only ones shaming you, would be the ones who DON’T have the courage to do the same!

There is a big disconnect between the perception of CrossFit (and competition, or even the Open) and the reality of it. CrossFit IS for everyone if, and only if THEY have the right mindset. Assuming that each individuals training is modified appropriately based on experience, and ability, it is likely the BEST fitness program out there. No, we are NOT going to be doing what the top CrossFit athletes are doing, not even close! But, it gives us some perspective. It gives us some opportunity to set goals for the future of our training. Without those both short, and long term goals, what’s the point? Why keep training?

“But, I don’t have pullups…”

“I’m not strong enough.”

“I can’t do all of the movements.”

This is your opportunity to find out what you are capable of, and you know what? I bet you surprise yourself! Everything that we have been doing with training has prepared you for the Open. You are not going to see anything that you haven’t done before! Plus, it’s going to be the workout on Fridays for five weeks anyway… For the past few years, there has been¬†Scaled and Masters divisions so that now, it’s all-inclusive. So, if you’re thinking about signing up, click the link below. We will be completing the weekly workouts on Friday night, for ‘Friday Night Lights’ each week as a group! Last year, we did the same and then headed over to SKYROC for a beer/ social, which we’ll plan to do again.