“What tends to be the hardest for people to realize is that from a nutritional standpoint, there is no single approach that is better than another. At the core, every nutrition program or fad-diet that works, works because it creates a caloric deficit of some form, whether it eliminates or reduces carbs –> caloric deficit. Eliminates processed food, alcohol, and sugar –> caloric deficit. Eliminates gluten and dairy –> caloric deficit. Vegetarian (eliminates meat) –> caloric deficit. Intermittent Fasting –>reduces available time to eat during the day–> caloric deficit. Starting to see a pattern? Whichever diet listed above helps one to better control their energy (calorie) intake, will be the BEST option for them, and will make THEM healthier, and improve THEIR body composition. In any case, where someone makes time to add structure of some form to their existing diet that likely has no structure at all, they are going to see positive results. The problem with a diet that causes one to have to eliminate foods or food groups though, is that it now complicates the psychological component of the process. It DOES NOT teach people the basics of nutrition. It instead induces an unnecessary fear of food/ food groups. Then, when the time comes that they slip up and have something that’s ‘forbidden’ or they have a cheat day, for many it can completely ruin their process because in their mind, they’ve failed. People are generally smart. They can be taught the basics of nutrition, yet there’s always someone who’s built a company based on ‘hacking’ the basics. They’ve found a way to make money off of people’s inherent laziness. Or, they have an agenda that’s supported by misinterpreted research and marketed through a fear-mongering approach, such as the food documentary; ‘What The Health’ or ‘The China Study’. If they can develop a brand that fits a certain narrative, they’ll be able to draw in a specific crowd of otherwise well-intentioned, but ignorant people to support it. Just because Tom Brady’s personal chef cooks ONLY restrictive, organic rabbit food for him, and he’s the best quarterback of all time, DOES NOT MEAN he’s the best quarterback of all time BECAUSE he eats restrictive, organic rabbit food…”

Part of a much longer article on nutrition and training that’s currently in the works!