Everyone has off days.  With Olympic weightlifting, sometimes it seems more often than not, you are having an off day.  The percentage you are lifting at feels extremely heavy, though you know you have lifted a lot more in the past.  That frustration can get to be a problem!  I have felt like tearing down the ceiling when I miss training percentages despite knowing that it’s not doing me any good to get worked up.  I know many of you reading this probably have experienced the same thing recently.  The frustration takes over and you get pissed; so pissed you can’t concentrate.  Now, you think because you are angry you will turn into the Hulk and miraculously make the lift, making everything all better.  Most times it doesn’t work that way and you end up nearly going off the deep end because you’ve missed it yet again.  You doubt your ability and seriously consider giving up the gym for a while.

When the frustration takes over, you are not able to fix your problem.  You really have to think about why you have missed the lift and it may not necessarily be for one particular reason.  Most times it is a technicality when you are lifting at percentages of your 1RM.  However, your technical flaw can be greatly influenced by a number of different factors.  Diet, sleep, fatigue, volume of training, stress, etc.  When it comes to Olympic weightlifting, it’s you, and the bar.  If you are talking to friends, laughing and joking around, you will not perform at your potential.  I’m not saying don’t have fun, but keep that in mind.  When the weights start to get heavy it’s as much mental as it is physical.  You have to be able to determine why you have missed and know how to correct it.  If you can’t figure it out, ask!

The percentages and volume you are working at have been carefully thought out, however, they should be more of a guideline.  For instance, today we began with snatching 80% x2x5.  Take into consideration what you have done so far this week with squatting, snatch balance and jerks, plus the conditioning.  If you find you just don’t have the explosiveness today, it’s not the end of the world!  If you properly warm up your snatch and find that 80% for those two reps is very unstable, drop the weight to your last good set.  You can add weight if you feel good up to that 80% a couple sets into it, but it is better to have made lifts at a lower percentage than a bunch of failed reps.  In case you find that you are doing the 80% and it feels great up through the third set but suddenly the first rep of the fourth set feels shaky and you miss the second rep of the fourth set, redo that second rep.  Then, finish out with GOOD single lifts to at least get the volume in.  These simple guidelines can be used with regard to other training days as well when you are not feeling it!

Not everyone can fit into one designed program!  People handle volume and percentages differently.  Therefore, i don’t expect everyone to be making the same gains in the same areas.  It is important to keep this in mind!