Remember there are only TWO days left of our promotion!  It ends on July 15.  If you purchase now, you will receive a discounted assessment and discounted month of unlimited classes for a total of only $125!

Your assessment will pinpoint your strengths but more importantly your imbalances and deficiencies.  This will help us train you properly in the pursuit of a balanced level of fitness to determine your individual training priorities.

  • Is your deadlift equal to 125% of your 1RM back squat?
  • Is your power clean at least 66%, and your power snatch 51% of your 1RM back squat?
  • Is your strict, standing overhead press equal to 65% of your total weighted chin up?

If you have trouble answering these questions, or you have no idea, are you sure you are following the right program, for you?

If you can answer these questions and your numbers are good, great!  If your numbers don’t line up, why?  The assessment is how we can answer those questions for you in order to be able to properly program toward your priorities.