I have seen some pretty inspiring things over the past few weeks from our members with regard to training, following that lengthy strength cycle.  All the squat PR’s (front and back squats) a few weeks ago, averaging 20lbs was amazing to see.  One of the biggest improvements that I have seen recently was Michelle’s 45# back squat PR (a couple weeks ago) and her first weighted dead-hang pullup just last night!  Seven or so months ago when Michelle joined Fulcrum, she was not able to do a single pullup, let alone a weighted pullup!

Also, Mike McVeigh was a D-1 collegiate rower for Temple, and a former Navy SEAL.  The other night Mike PR’d his 500M sprint (on the erg) at 1:19.2.  This was the best time any of us have seen in person, including him.

Needless to say, I am impressed and inspired!  Awesome job everyone!