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    Everyone Who Does CrossFit, Gets Injured…Blah, Blah, Blah.

    “I heard CrossFit is dangerous.” Or; “Everyone who does CrossFit gets injured.” I’m sure everyone reading this has heard these, or similar statements before. You may even have those perceptions yourself. I was recently tagged on Facebook in a comment thread which posed a...

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    May 21st – 26th

    ***On Monday, May 28th, there will ONLY be two classes; 11AM & 12PM in which we will run our annual Memorial Day ‘Murph.’ The schedule will be updated this week, so be sure to sign up for class so that we can plan accordingly. Following the workout, we plan to bbq at the gym. If

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    May 14th – 19th

    *Don’t forget to sign up for the next Mini-Clinic on the ‘Jerk’, on Sunday, May 20th! REGISTER HERE. Monday 5/14, Week 1 Warm Up-  Bike 3 Minutes- steady Then; 2 Sets Spiderman Stretch Counter- balance Squat x8-10 Handstand Hold x10 Seconds SL Front foot elevated split squat x6/leg...

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    Thursday, May 10th

    Warm Up; Row or Bike- 2 Minutes Then, 2 Sets; Spiderman Stretch Knee Stretch + Duck Walk/ Hop Counterbalance Squat x6-8 3-5 Strict Pullups or Pullup Negatives + Specific Movement Prep/ Warm up, equipment setup; complete 2-4 good quality reps of each movement *Note; the training today is NOT meant to...

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    Friday, May 11th

    Warm Up; Bike 3 Minutes- Steady Then, 2 Sets; Single Leg Deadlift (light barbell or KB) x6/ leg @3111 Tempo Samson Stretch SL Glute Bridge x6/ leg Hollow Rocks/ Hold- 10-20 Reps/ Seconds CF Fitness A. Deadlift- Build to a heavy 4 B. 12 Minute AMRAP: 8 Hanging Knee Raises/ 10 V-ups, or 12 Situps

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