• 14/07/2018

    July 16th – July 21st

    Monday 7/16, Week 10 Warm Up-  Bike 3 Minutes- steady Then; 2 Sets Spiderman Stretch SL Front foot elevated split squat x6/leg Pallof Press (all right side THEN, all left side) x2 reps at each position of squat: 1/4, Parallel, Below Parallel CF Fitness A. Front Squat 5×5 –aim to increase...

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  • class (4)

    Saturday, July 14th

    CF Fitness & Performance *Reference June 17th, 2017* With a Partner; 400M Farmers Carry 100 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20in. 400M Farmers Carry 100 Calorie Bike 400M Farmers Carry *Partition work however you see fit. Switch off weights between partners during the carry as needed. You may use the straps,...

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  • 28238451_10215166529813886_2640351929613847697_o

    Friday, July 13th

    Warm Up; Bike 3 Minutes- steady pace + 2 Rounds; Hollow Rock/ Hold x 10-20 reps/seconds YTW’s x6 each Samson Stretch SL Glute Bridge x6/ leg Goodmornings x8-10 CF Fitness A. Deadlift- 4×3 B. For Time: 1 DB Push Press (heavy), 4 Reverse Goblet or BW Lunge (Reference 7/6) 3 DB Push Press, 6...

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  • IMG_0556 (2)

    Thursday, July 12th

    Warm Up; Jump Rope 2 Minutes -steady Then, 2 Sets; Spiderman Stretch SL Glute Bridge x6/ leg Bodyweight Goodmornings x10 Duck Walk CF Fitness A. Spend 15 minutes on focused mobility work, based on priority. B. In 5 Minutes; 6 Hang Power Cleans- light to moderate 10 Dips, Assisted Ring Dips, or Perfect...

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  • IMG_6040

    Wednesday, July 11th

    Warm Up Bike 3 Minutes- Steady + 2 Sets; 10 Arm Circles forward/ backward Pausing Bench Press x6- light 3-5 Strict Pullups Spiderman Stretch CF Fitness A. Bench Press 5×5 B. Bent Over Row 3×8-10 C. 10 Minute AMRAP; 10 Box Jumps 15 Pullups or Jumping Pullups 20 Pushups or Incline Pushups Performance...

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