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    Military style fitness

    Whatever your reasons are for wanting to get fit, Fulcrum Athletics personal training in Attleboro can help you get there. Maybe you’re about to join the army and want to get a jump on the fitness side of things, or maybe you’d just like to achieve a military level of fitness. If you undertake personal...

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  • wod-3

    Saturday, February 8

    Athlete Development/Fitness/Sport A. Strength Priority- Take 15 Min to Test your main priority + In Teams of 3: 20 Min AMRAP 6 No Push Up Burpee Box Jumps 6 Burpees 6 Toe to Bar *One team member works at a time to complete a full round

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  • squats2

    Friday, February 7

    Athlete Development/ Fitness A. Strength Priority- Take 15 Min to Test your main priority B. Double Under Skill Work- 5 Min + For Reps Calorie Row 45 Sec/ Rest 15 Sec Deadlift 45 Sec- Moderate/ Rest 15 Sec Push Ups 45 Sec/ Rest 1:15 x 3 Sport- Rest Day. Weightlifting Snatch- Max Clean & Jerk- Max...

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  • pmclass2

    Thursday, February 6

    Athlete Development/ Fitness A. Seated SA DB Press 8-10 @ 30X0; Rest 1 Min x 4 B. Double Under Skill Work- 5 Min + For Reps: 1 Min Jumping Lunges 2 Min DB Snatch- Alternating 3 Min Wall Balls 4 Min Pull Ups- Supinated Grip *Compare to 1/16/14 Sport A. Split Jerk- Moderate Single in

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  • PJ, split Jerk

    Wednesday, February 5

    Athlete Development/ Fitness A. Segment Clean Deadlift + Deadlift (2+1); Rest 1:30 x 4 *Pause at 1″ off ground/ Knee/ Mid Thigh/ Full Extension B. Accumulate 2 Min in a Hanging L-Sit or Tuck Position + 1 Min AMRAP Toe to Bar No Rest 8 Min AMRAP: 6 Thrusters- Moderate 6 Box Jumps No Rest 1 Min...

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