• nickpaolo

    February 19th – 24th

    *The CrossFit Games Open begins this Thursday, February 22nd! Each week, for the next five weeks, the workout will be announced at 8pm on Thursday nights. This will be our workout on Fridays! You are encouraged to sign up through games.crossfit.com to join in on the fun under CrossFit Fulcrum (Team;...

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  • gwenback

    Saturday, February 17th

    ***Reference; Saturday, September 2nd*** CF Fitness 6 Rounds For Time; 3 Hang Power Cleans -moderate 6 Push Press -moderate, use the same bar/loading as for cleans 9 Wall Balls Performance For Time; 15 Power Cleans 225/155lbs 30 HSPU’s 75 Wall Balls  

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  • IMG_0556 (2)

    CrossFit- The Misconception

    The most common reservation we hear is; “I need to get in better shape before I do CrossFit.” If this is your thought as well, what do you think CrossFit is? Yes, it’s become a sport, but it started as a fitness program. Unfortunately, many gyms ONLY treat it as a sport, in which a...

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  • 14054992_10153943259165892_1666515887945089342_n

    Thursday, February 15th

    Week 12– Testing Warm Up-  Bike or Row 3 Minutes- steady pace Then; 2 Sets Samson Stretch SL Glute Bridge x6/leg Hollow Rock or Hollow Hold x10-20 seconds ***If you’ve missed a testing day, you may make it up today!*** CF Fitness A. Turkish Getup- 15 Minutes of Technique work B. 15 Minute...

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  • gwen

    Why The CrossFit Open?

    It’s about that time of year again, the beginning of the CrossFit season for those involved in it as a sport. For others, such as the rest of us, it is a time where we can “compete” and test our abilities against the rest of the world. Some of you reading this are saying; “Well,...

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