CrossFit (CF Fitness & Performance)

Our CrossFit program has two different tracks; a program for beginner to intermediate, and a program for intermediate to advanced levels of experience, and ability. Typically, our CF Fitness program consists of a slightly higher volume of less complex strength work with more moderate loading, while our Performance program uses a lot more percentage-based work, and often heavier loading with higher-complexity lifts. Most of our members begin with our CF Fitness program (unless they have prior weightlifting, or CrossFit experience) to develop proficient, basic movement patterns with the squat, hinge, lunge, push & pull, and develop a basic level of general fitness before introducing the more complex lifts such as the snatch or clean & jerk. -Program Goals- [CF Fitness] Build a basic level of strength & fitness through developing proficient, functional movement patterns, improved mobility, and body composition. [Performance] Further develop Olympic weightlifting technique and energy system training associated with CrossFit as a sport.


This program is based around training and improving strength & power with the Olympic lifts, primarily. It can be used as a stand-alone program (3 days/ week) or in combination with our Performance program (5 days/ week). Members MUST have at least six months of lifting experience to follow this program!


Want to be strong, and look the part? The powerbuilding program places emphasis on the push, pull, and squat (powerlifting), as well as hypertrophy work to build muscle size, and capacity (bodybuilding). It is a three day per week, stand-alone program. This program serves two purposes. One; it is purely for strength, and body composition/ muscle mass (hypertrophy). Two; certain days can be used to prioritize weak areas, such as the legs, or upper body push (bench/ overhead pressing), etc.