Fulcrum Athletics welcomes clients from beginners wanting to improve their fitness, to athletes looking to progress further in their chosen sport. We are a small operation unlike many other 20+ people per class CF gyms in the area and our focus is on goal specific training, based off of individually assessed ability. We DO NOT throw you into a CrossFit workout that you're physically not ready for! Our instructors and coaches are all highly qualified and technically proficient, and are dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals by first building a solid base with the foundational movements. The coaches and trainers at Fulcrum use resources, training theories and information from the best in the field including Glenn Pendlay, Greg Everett, James "OPT" Fitzgerald, Dan John, Bob Takano, Lyle McDonald and Mark Rippetoe, to name a few...

Before undergoing any strength and fitness training with Fulcrum Athletics, every client regardless of their previous training experience, is required to undergo a mandatory, individualized strength assessment with one of our qualified coaches. Your current range of motion and mobility will be measured, which will help to determine any imbalances or structural issues you may have. How your body efficiently uses its different energy systems will be assessed to find any strengths or weaknesses, which will help plan the appropriate training schedule to optimize your strength and conditioning training in Attleboro. During the assessment, clients will be able to really see where they stand and what they need to prioritize in order to achieve their fitness goals. The assessment tests will benefit beginner and advanced athletes alike.

Fulcrum Athletics offers fitness training in Attleboro according to the program devised by our team of strength and conditioning coaches. You will be guided through each phase to enable you to progress as quickly as possible to achieve the targets you have set. Your program will help to correct any imbalances found on the initial assessment and will also improve your physical condition. You will find you have increased levels of energy to perform your daily tasks outside of the gym environment, and your improved fitness levels will enhance your quality of life.

Group training classes are offered at a fraction of the price of personal training.

All we ask is that you commit to the training program designed for you and you attend regularly to achieve the results you want. We guarantee you will be successful and are so confident in our programs that if you don’t achieve the expected results, having followed our programs, we will give you 100% of your money back!

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