Fulcrum Athletics is a qualified and experienced team of instructors, and our goal is to provide a friendly, motivating and accommodating atmosphere for all our clients. We cater for beginners, veteran athletes and elite competitors alike. Our classes and instruction cover all aspects of strength and conditioning in Attleboro/ North Attleboro area, and we also offer nutritional education and counselling services, to ensure your training is optimized and appropriate for your needs.

Everyone who attends classes at Fulcrum Athletics in Attleboro, undergoes a one-to-one physical assessment to determine their current fitness level. During the assessment we assess your strengths and weaknesses, and find any imbalances which need to be addressed, in order to prepare an appropriate training schedule to meet your needs and your goals. Our training programs specifically target problem areas to ensure these are addressed appropriately.

We offer CrossFit Training in Attleboro, but we realize that not everyone coming to Fulcrum Athletics has the same goals or abilities. In Crossfit terms, it is very difficult to apply ‘Universal Scalability’ to a population of mixed abilities, and our training programs reflect this diversity of skills, fitness levels and experience.

We offer four groups of training programs at our gym in Attleboro: Athlete Development, CrossFit, Weightlifting, and Competitor, as well as including priority strength training for individuals as required. With such a range of programs, it is possible to tailor individual programs according to the needs, ability, skill level and individual goals.

The Athlete Development group caters to beginners and those with mobility issues from inactivity, physical conditions or previous injuries. The emphasis is on working towards a base level of balanced strength, to allow the client to progress towards full fitness. It also will build necessary strength and power for veteran athletes looking to improve overall strength without focusing on conditioning per se.

The CrossFit group caters to clients with some experience who are ready to work towards the goals of improving strength and body composition. Training is concentrated on developing the bilateral movements required for basic weightlifting, elementary gymnastic work, conditioning, and the challenge of a well thought out CrossFit program.

The Competitor group is for more advanced athletes seeking to train specifically for CrossFit competitions or for other sporting disciplines outside of the gym.

Our Weightlifting group caters to those training to improve sport performance and for competitive Olympic Weightlifting in Attleboro, and includes work on the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk techniques. Athletes looking to transfer the explosive strength required in competitive weightlifting to their main sporting discipline will also benefit from this group.

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